Cast Iron

What we do

ZML Cast Iron produces castings in gray and ductile cast iron of medium and large volumes. The use of cutting-edge software makes it possible to anticipate and solve eventual problems in advance, reducing the time required for developing and starting up series production of new, particularly complex components.

We always pursued the policy of continuous improvement and Quality and Process Management complies with the standard required by the automotive supply chain in compliance with the regulations governing the Environmental Management System.

Cast Iron


The production process begins with the melting of the metal in a hot-blast cupola furnace with a production capacity of 24 tons/h, supported by two electric holding furnaces.

The cast-iron casting on the 3 forming lines present is highly automized.

Each production line consists of an automatic green molding machine, a dedicated plant for the preparation of the molding sand, a cooling line, an integrated shaker line, a feeder cutting line and a blasting line followed by a selection belt.

The production lines:

  • Two vertical forming lines in 600x480x (120 + 330) mm flaskless
  • One vertical forming line of 850x650x (200 + 400) mm flaskless